Arleen's Poem

Friday, May 18, 2007

Where are you, really?

I thought I saw you the other day
The same smile that spelled love
The same gaze that spelled hope
And I reached out my hand to touch yours
Only to find yours so far away
Blown by the wind that swept
The leaves north towards a different life

I thought I saw you the other night
The same moves that was so inviting
The same words that was so intriguing
And I ran out to hold you
Only to find a shadow on the wall
Wiped off by the candle that burned
my wish away into nothingness

Where are you, really?

19 May 2007 09:27

Holding On

I didn’t expect it to be easy
I didn’t expect to find you right away
But when hope was sowed
And empty love was harvested
A heart can do nothing but weep
But after all the tears have been shed
And when all the bones are crunched in disappointment
There is nothing to do but holding on
I didn’t expect it to be fast
I didn’t expect to see you at the next corner
So there is nothing to do but holding on

March 2007


I asked for love and you served me lies
I asked for hope and you gave me deceptions
Lies served on a silver platter
Deceptions wrapped in a velvet box
What I really want is just one true love
And even if it’s served on a broken china
And even if it’s wrapped in a crumpled newspaper
I still want my one true love
And not your bejeweled lies

February 2007