Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Years come and go

Hours come and go. They may run, but also creep
Deep in our thoughts, we roam and roam
And yet, the clocks that tock and watches that beep,
Bring us all closer to home

Days come and go. This, we realize
And they say there is nothing new under the sun
And yet, with each and every sunrise,
There comes new hope for everyone

Weeks come and go. That’s what they say
And Monday morning blues were made the culprit
And yet, with each and every Monday,
There are new opportunities we bound to meet

Months come and go, and it’s harder to be eager
To move on with only the best intentions
And yet with each and every flip of the desktop calendar,
There comes new encouragements, new appreciations

Years come and go, along with things we have outgrown!
And here comes a birthday that I need no more
And yet, among friends, with each candle being blown,
Are the promise of true friendships forever more

Decades come and go, is it really getting late?
For there are still people to meet, wine to drink
And yet, on each and every line on my forehead,
I have seen proofs of a life truly worth living

Happy Birthday to me.

15 Mar 2012
Note : having been absent from poem writing for one year, and the last bday poem I wrote to myself was two years ago, this year I started early. I started this right after new year to make sure that this year, I have a birthday poem for myself :) My other poems can be seen at :


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