Arleen's Poem

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Walk with my Birthday

Without any warning, without any reminder
My birthday has crept up on me again this year
Tapping me hard on my shoulder when I least expected him
And quickly embraced me before I could run away

And when he saw the surprised look on my face
He smiled the usual teasing smile
“Don’t tell me you were not expecting me!
I know that you know I’d be coming today.”

He took me by my arm and forced me to walk with him
Just like last year and all the years before
I forced a smile, knowing I had no choice
I forced a step, knowing I had no other option

“You used to like me when you were smaller
Waiting for my visit so impatiently.
Running into my arms when you saw me coming.
What happened between us? You know I never changed.”

I knew he was right for he never changed one bit
He came right on time every year without fail
Always the same smile, always the same walk
It was me who changed as the years have gone by

I don’t quite know when I started to wish
That my birthday wouldn’t come creeping anymore
But I know he’ll continue to come no matter what
He will always come for our annual birthday walk

“Why am I not welcomed now?
Do you hate life so much that you don’t want me?”
I told him it was because I love life so much
That I didn’t like the way he crept up on me every year

My birthday just shrugged his shoulder
As if I didn’t make any sense at all
We were almost at the end of our walk
And he stopped to look at me one last time

“You can not love life and not have me
You either have us both, or lose us both.”
I looked in his eyes and saw it was true
And we finished the last mile of our walk in silence

He embraced me once more before he went away
“I’ll see you next year,” he whispered in my ears
I forced a nod, knowing I had no choice
I forced a smile, knowing I had no other options

I stood up still as he waved me good bye
I always feel empty on the day I take my birthday walk
But at least, there is still a year before my next walk with him
And till then, I will continue to do what I’ve always and will always do …

celebrate life while I still can

Happy Bday to me
15 Mar 2007
(written 9 Mar 2007 20:18)