Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Wasted Second Chance

One upon a time
I found you among the crowds
An unpredictable gaze
A un-understandable heart
Too short a vague smile was exchanged
Too tiny an attempt was shared
I stood motionless
Only to painfully watch you go away
Leaving a regret I somehow felt I’ll carry for life

Once again
I found another you among the crowds
The same un-understandable heart
The same unpredictable gaze
I know I’ve waited way too long
I should’ve asked you long ago
But I stood motionless, expecting …
Knowing painfully that I’ll soon lose you again
This time.. for good
Rediscovering a regret I’ll carry for life

I’ve been given a second chance
It was a wasted second chance

13 Sep 96, 2 Dec 96


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