Thursday, June 08, 2006

I thought I have Reached My Limit

I thought I have reached my limit a very long time ago
With each passing episode …
More overwhelming than the once before
They never ceases to amaze me
How I went through it all
Without really reaching my limit

Each time I felt that things could not be worse
They were !
With no mercy and no excuse
Exerting more pressure than before
They never cease to amaze me
How I did not just melt down and evaporate
Even though sometimes I wanted it hard enough

I thought I reached my limit a long time ago
But ever time I thought that the worse was over
And that there will never be anything more grandiose that I couldn’t face
The next episode came pounding
Pushing me further out I wouldn’t dare to look

Each time I was wrong
Each time they never failed to surprise me
And the scariest part of all
After all these ties
Maybe there is no limit

6 May 1996


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